The Perfect Solution for South African SMME's

Searching the Internet for South African Businesses is now one step easier because of the PrimeSpot Search Engine.

PrimeSpot offers you an easy to use platform that will index your Business Website under that the Keywords that you think is best. You only pay once for your Advertising (a fraction of other Search Engines). Once you are done with advertising for your business, you can sell your advertising space to other businesses and even make a profit.

You can specify pages for specific Keywords. This helps users find exactly what they are looking for.

We value your Privacy and we don't collect data from you and neither do we sell any data. Your Privacy is our priority

How it Works

You start by registering a Free Account. Once you have registered you will need to add your website to a Block in PrimeSpot. You can buy a block from as little as R 50.00 (once off fee). The more you pay for a block, the higher your keywords will rank. A Block Contains your Website URL and 10 Keywords. Your website will rank on the Search Engine for any of the keywords that you enter.


The PrimeSpot Search Engine works on the allocation of Blocks. A new Block is generated at pre-determined intervals. The release of new blocks will influence the demand from users for other member's blocks that is on sale and is used to balance the system.

Once the new block is generated it is put up for sale and the first buyer to purchase the block becomes the new owner of the block. The value of a block determines where the website associated with the block will rank. All Blocks increase in value by 0,41% per day.

As long as the Block Value Increase Rate stays the same, the block value should increase at about 150% per year. This might change from time to time in order to keep the system balanced and to protect the Block Value for Block Owners.


A Block is a unit assigned to a specific person and holds the information of the website to be indexed for ranking. Each block contains a website URL, 10 x keywords, and a value.

If the Keywords or URL is missing, the block will not be Indexed in the Search Engine but will continue to increase in value. Blocks increase in value every day at a specific Increase Rate (which is currently 0,41%).

Blocks can be bought and sold by owners. When a user wants to sell a block, it is marked in the Members area as Available. Once it is available it will be shown to possible buyers at the current Block Value.

A Block does not have to contain website information.

Blocks are released on a daily basis. The first member to buy the block becomes the new owner.

Block Value

The current value for a newly released block is R 50.00. The value increases by the Increase Rate (Currently 0,41% per day). The more the value of the block is, the higher it will rank in the search engine.

Transaction Fee

When a Block is sold between two users, PrimeSpot will take a transaction fee of 2,5%. This means that you will receive 2,5% less than the value of the block.

Rank Weight

Where the site ranks in the Search Engine is depended on the Rank Weight. The higher the Rank Weight, the higher the website will rank in the results. The Rank Weight is linked to the value of the Block.

Splitting Blocks

When the value of a block becomes undesirable high and difficult to sell, the owner of the block has the right and the functionality to split the block into two smaller blocks. This will influence the Rank Weight as well as the value of the block.

System Currency

All deposits into the system will be converted into South Africa Rand ZAR

Local Business Only

Only South African Businesses will be allowed to advertise on the Platform